Trading the Four Major Asset Classes

Trading the Four Major Asset Classes

Trading sites typically give traders the option to trade in one of four asset categories: stocks, currencies, commodities, and indices. Each of these asset types is different and each gives a trader ample opportunity to earn profit. Let’s examine a few different strategies that are often paired with particular asset types in order to maximize… Read more

New Ideas for Bullish and Bearish Markets

Binary options traders hear the words ‘bullish’ and ‘bearish’ being bandied around all the time in conversations about the stock market, but not every trader knows the meaning and history behind these market condition analyses. These general market conditions do have an impact on every position that a trader takes, so let’s delve a little… Read more

Finding Opportunity in Market Movement

Experienced traders know that a downturn in a market is almost always an opportunity. How that specific opportunity should be treated is up for debate, but when an asset–regardless of what type it is–is falling fast in price, there is always a chance to make money off of it. There are two major schools of… Read more

How To Trade On Economic Data Reports?

Economic data creates numerous profit opportunities to binary options traders throughout the each week. This type of information is made public on a regular basis, and in most cases is issued either weekly or monthly. Regardless of the frequency, those who trade binaries need to know exactly how to use this data to their advantage…. Read more

Dual Trade Risk Mitigation

Everyone who trades binary options needs to be aware of ways in which they can reduce risks. The strategy that will be outlined here is one that can do just that, by reducing loss amounts when the market moves against you. Under certain circumstances, it can also provide a profit, even when the price of… Read more