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EthereumCode 2020

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EthereumCode is a relatively new auto trading software on the market. It was developed after ethereum, a popular cryptocurrency, experienced a great rise in both value and popularity. EthereumCode relies on the premise that every trader could benefit from cryptocurrency trading with the right tool and solid trading interface. That is why it is completely FREE of charge, which makes it accessible to traders worldwide, no matter their previous level of knowledge or trading experience.

MAke sure to read our EthereumCode review that will provide you more information on this popular crypto trading software.




  1. Website Preview

  1. EthereumCode Account Features

    EthereumCode is a trading robot. This means it is taking advantage of modern technology to make the entire trading process more straightforward. Traders can choose when to turn on and off the crypto trading robot to keep an eye on the entire trading process. EthereumCode claims to deliver more user-friendly experience when trading on often intimidating crypto markets. Cryptocurrencies are the biggest innovation in financial markets in the past few centuries, so it was only natural for us to do a detailed EthereumCode review.

    What is EthereumCode?

    We already said EthereumCode is an auto trading software developed exclusively for crypto traders, but what does it mean. EthereumCode has a special advanced algorithm developed by a team who managed to create a code capable fo following market movements. The code is so sophisticated it can detect even the slightest change that may make a big difference in the trading results. Such minor changes often go unnoticed even by experts, simply because the algorithm containing the code has greater processing power than human brain does.

    Once the trader is ready to participate in automated trading, all they need to do is turn the auto trading on. Also, when they feel like they are finished they have to turn it off. And that’s it. The entire trading process is then done by the auto trading robot, thus meaning that traders don’t have to do any analysis if they don’t feel like it. However, we always suggest traders follow their trading history and to be mindful even in the process of automated trading. That way, they can have a better insight in their trades with EthereumCode.

    How To Open EthereumCode Account?

    EthereumCode account can easily be opened in two simple steps that require no documents or paperwork. Once you visit their website, you will find an online form directly on the homepage. Fill it out so you can take the second step which is filling out the entire form. The form contains only basic data, and you will never have to give any personal information like credit card number etc. This is because EthereumCode is not processing any payments for traders. It is a completely free software. You will never be charged membership or some sort of commission for trades placed. All money you deposit with the broker will be used for crypto trading.

    EthereumCode Brokers

    Once you have a trading account, you will also need a crypto trading broker. EthereumCode crypto trading software will immediately connect you to the broker that is the most popular in your area. That way, you don’t have to do a broker research and try to find a broker compatible with EthereumCode technology.

    All brokers we encountered on the trading dashboard seem to be reliable. Traders will have to make a deposit with the broker in order to start automated trading. More on minimum deposit in crypto automated trading read below.

    EthereumCode Demo Account

    Unfortunately, in our EthereumCode review, we found no info about the demo account. It seems that this auto trading software doesn’t offer a demo mode. We prefer demo mode as it allows traders to simply and easily see what trading with a particular crypto robot looks like. They also use virtual money for demo trading and never risk their real money as long as they are in the demo mode. We are hoping they will add a demo mode or a demo account in the future.

  2. EthereumCode Trading Software

    EthereumCode Mobile Trading

    EthereumCode is using advanced web-based technology so traders never have to download and install special programs and apps. This is true also for trading with mobile devices. The mobile trading with EthereumCode takes place in the web browser as well. Basically, all you need is a data plan for a mobile phone or a wifi, smartphone and a few minutes of free time to log in and activate automated trading.

    This approach is more user-friendly, especially if you don’t want to have tens and tens of apps added to your tablet or mobile phone.

    Your capital is at risk
  3. EthereumCode Support Information

    EthereumCode Customer Support

    Customer Support is very important part of every auto trading software, including crypto robots. Luckily, EthereumCode offers live chat. Live chat ensures almost instant communication, as you don’t have to wait for days for someone to read your email. You can chat with an agent immediately. Make sure to ask precise questions about the software. Bear in mind that agents can’t tell you how to trade and how much to invest as they are not allowed to do that. The decision on the investment is ultimately on you.

    Your capital is at risk
  4. EthereumCode Payment Methods

    EthereumCode Deposit and Withdrawal

    EthereumCode will connect you with a broker immediately upon the registration. You need a broker to trade automatically. The crypto trading account you might already have a broker is not possible to connect with EthereumCode afterward. Make sure to open a new account via EthereumCode.

    Minimum deposit with crypto brokers is usually $250. Minimum withdrawal is different with each broker. Also, brokers can differentiate when it comes to depositing and withdrawal methods offered, but most of them offer two most popular and worldwide recognized methods: credit cards and bank wire.

  5. Your capital is at risk