The One Touch Method

The One Touch Method

You should always be very wary of a strategy that claims to have zero risk involved, but there are some that have less risk than others. The following strategy, what we call simply “The One Touch” method, has little risk, but that is not equal to no risk. It is a little tougher than some… Read more

Apple vs. PayPal?

For position traders, PayPal’s stock may have just taken a huge hit. On the other hand, Apple could be getting ready for a big boost. Do you remember Lotus 123? What about Word Star? Both of these companies used to be big. Lotus 123 was a spreadsheet company that was bigger than Microsoft. Word Star… Read more

Scalping at the Deepest Level

Expert binary options traders may want to use a type of scalping known as Gamma scalping. Scalping is a short term strategy that relies on quick trades triggered by an asset’s momentum. Trades hardly ever stay open for long, and they need to be well capitalized to be worthwhile. Because we are talking about binary… Read more