Different Trading Outcomes

Different Trading Outcomes

Nearly all of the terms that you will come across that are used in connection with binary options trading are also common terms used in the main markets. ITM, meaning in the money, and OTM, meaning out of the money, are two such cases. When applied to options trading, these terms are associated with both… Read more

Trading over the Long Term

Many people begin to trade in binary options with no real plan for the long term. Instead, they are looking for more immediate results. While this is understandable, a good strategy should also consider the distant future. Trading successfully over the long haul is going to require some education, good money management and solid strategies…. Read more

Managing Your Profits

Imagine for a minute that you have placed investment funds into your trading account and that several days later you now find that you have accrued quite a bit of earnings. This is a scenario in which many traders actually find themselves, and at which point they discover that they have to decide on what… Read more

Using Technical Analysis in Your Strategy

Standard technical analysis is based on the analysis of asset prices as a way to predict future activity. There is quite a bit that can be ascertained about possible future activity by tracking the path of a selected asset price within both its recent past and it’s more distant past. The data will indicate not… Read more