Picking the Right Asset for Your Strategy

Picking the Right Asset for Your Strategy

There are a handful of binary options strategies which call for the use of linked or connected asset pairs. The success of these strategies is often dependent on the ability to know which underlying assets are connected in some manner. For that reason, it’s wise to create a list of pairs in advance. Once this… Read more

Effective Bollinger Bands Usage

Bollinger Bands are among the most powerful and flexible trading tools available to those who trade binary options. This indicator was developed by John Bollinger back during the 1980’s and it records one of his greatest observations. The concept that volatility was not fixed, that it changes daily, a line of thought that was quite… Read more

Pair Options for Profit

There are several different binary options instruments to choose from, with Pair options being among the newest additions to trading platforms. This form of trading is similar to trading Forex in that each trade will involve a pair of assets, with the goal being to determine which of the two will outperform the other. The… Read more

Using Trend Lines for Entry

Trend lines are among the most basic and trusted of all the technical indicators available to those who trade binary options. The same as many indicators, this one was widely used by Forex traders before making its way into the realm of digital options. Trend lines are established by linking the lowest lows within an… Read more