Quick Guide to Fundamental Analysis

Quick Guide to Fundamental Analysis

Profitable binary options trades are typically the direct result of accurate analysis. Fundamental analysis is the process of studying current financial news reports, with the goal being to determine the current and upcoming direction of asset price movement. This type of research is significantly less complex than technical analysis, yet it can be just as… Read more

Trading the Current Price Data

The most current asset price is an important element in all binary options trades. It will be this price that indicates the prime point of market entry based upon a comparison between it and past prices. Current price information is easy to find and easy to understand. However, correctly applying it to technical and fundamental… Read more

Testing a Winning Strategy

As soon as you’ve learned the basic principles of binary options trading, you can start to take a closer look at various strategies. Strategies are presented in many different forms, with many being ideal for novice traders. That being said, even the most fundamental methods can lead to complications if they aren’t used properly. There… Read more

Trading From Range to Boundary

While most types of binary options trades rely on price movement if they are to be profitable, there are several trade types that are dependent upon limited price movement. These options are suitable for times during which an asset price is somewhat stagnant, with no strong market sentiment shifting it in either direction. Although similar,… Read more

Profiting from Overlooked Data

Market data is one of the key analysis tools used to trade binary options for profit. Data is presented in the form of economic data and financial reports, both of which are released to the public on a consistent basis. Some types of data are considered to hold a higher level of importance within the… Read more

Looking at Historical Price Data

Historical price data is an integral part of the binary options analysis process and should play a key role in each and every trade decision. Although some do question the level of importance that price action has in relation to current movement, no trade would be complete without at least some consideration of how the… Read more