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Thursday, 29 June 2017
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Overall impression

Platform - 94%
Usability - 94%
Bonuses - 93%
Value - 95%
Broker Information
Broker Traderush
Site URL: http://www.traderush.com
Established: 2010
Payout %: 100%
E-mail: support@traderush.com
Phone: 800-986-6318
Whats hot: Whats not so hot:
Solid Payout on all Assets No US Traders Allowed
Free Demo Accounts Available Payout are not the Highest
Minimum Trade Amount is $10 Could use more Education Material
Get Paid out Quickly Needs Bigger Bonuses

One of the most popular and fastest growing binary options brokerage site, TradeRush brings Binaries to a whole new level. Founded in 2011, this site is a relative new comer, but they have already turned a lot of heads because of the quality service that they provide. Trade Rush is based out of Cyprus and has many international assets thanks to its broad customer base.

If you are new, this site can help you out in a big way. They have many educational tools for you to use and help you grow as a trader.

Getting to Know Your Broker

There are assets from all over the world offered by TradeRush. Whether you want to trade European stocks, indices from Hong Kong or the United States, or international commodity futures, you can find it on this site. There is also a large number of currency pairs that you can find here, including many obscure cross pairs. If there is a demand for it, you can rest assured that Trade Rush probably has it covered.

Trade Rush is unique amongst other binary options brokers because of the large number of customization tools that they have. You can trade one touch and 60 second binary options, but they also have something called the Option Builder. This is a great tool for the advanced binary options trader since it allows you to pick specific assets, and determine exactly how long of an expiry time you want to apply to it. You can choose anything between 45 and 180 minutes.

The OptionPro is another great feature. This gives you visual representation of the asset in question’s price chart and allows you to trade on the same screen. Many other brokers do not feature price charts when you are selecting an asset, and those that do are often very limited in what they can show you. The OptionPro choice is one of the best price chart features of any brokerage.

Ultimately, you will find that the more you are able to customize your trading experience, the better off your profits will be. TradeRush has more customization features than pretty much all other binary option brokers.

Payout Rates at Trade Rush

TradeRush offers some of the highest returns out there. Their 60 second binary options have an industry leading 81 percent return at most times. This is definitely one of the best brokers for people looking to trade these short term options. The downfall to Trade Rush is that it doesn’t offer the greatest rates on their other options. The average call/put option on this site comes in at just over 70 percent, making it not so great for the trader looking for longer term options. Still, if you are interested in 60 second binary option trading, this site is unparalleled. Remember, the minimum trade amount is $10 to help you limit your risk when you start.

Creating Your First Binary Account

When you open an account with TradeRush, you can gain access to many different trading features. Setting up an account is really easy, you just need to input your personal information and submit it. You will need your name, address, phone, number, and to come up with a unique username. You will also need to fund your account once it is created. This can be done by any major credit card or through an online wallet like moneybookers. If you choose to fund with a credit card, your money will be applied instantly to your account and you can begin trading as soon as possible. A demo account can be created for free.

Upon signing up for an account, you will be eligible to receive a free eBook that will help you learn more about Trade Rush and binary options trading in general.

More Important Facts

One of the cool things about TradeRush is that you can trade binary options with your iPhone. This makes TradeRush easy to manage even when you are away from a computer. If you want to bring your trading with you everywhere you go, the iPhone app is something that you will not be able to do without.

Sum it All Up

What sets TradeRush apart from other brokers is your ability to customize your trading experience. The rates of return are a bit lower here than at other brokers, but if you are able to increase your correct trade rate enough through the individualization that this broker provides, this should not be a very big concern. Add to this the fact that there are dozens of different and unique assets to choose from and you have a very strong broker here.

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