How To Trade On Economic Data Reports?

Binary Options University November 9, 2017 Data Helps You Find Setups

Economic data creates numerous profit opportunities to binary options traders throughout the each week. This type of information is made public on a regular basis, and in most cases is issued either weekly or monthly. Regardless of the frequency, those who trade binaries need to know exactly how to use this data to their advantage. Doing so may not be as difficult as you think.

Economic data is essentially tells just how healthy or unhealthy an economy is. The data includes a wide-variety of information such as employment and trade numbers. When this information is released, it can have an effect on a number of different assets. Indexes and commodities are often impacted, but commodities and stocks can be effected as well. What does all of this mean for the individual who trades binaries? It means that the release of this data will create profit opportunities.

How does one know when to expect the release of this information? The easiest way to keep track of report releases is to use an economic calendar. The fiscal calendar will provide you with the exact dates and times of the release of country-specific economic data from around the globe. Additionally, it will provide you with the previous reading, predicted reading (as determined by analysts who have been polled), and more. The previous reading and estimate will be used to determine just how the market will respond to the new data.

Favorable data is typically viewed as an indication that an economy is growing and improving. This would then be a positive for the markets in most cases, causing asset prices to rise. Unfavorable data usually does just the opposite, as it serves as an indicator that economic conditions are deteriorating. There are times, however, when the markets do not climb or fall in conjunction with the most recent data, and this has to do with forecasts. When actual numbers do not line up with the forecasts, traders can expect price movement.

Whenever market report forecasts are met, the impact on asset can be very minimal. In this case, a binary options Boundary or Range instrument can be used, as these are reliant upon limited price action. If the data is positive, but falls short of estimates, traders can view this as a negative and prices can fall as a result. On the flip side, if the data is negative, but not as bad as expected, this can be viewed as a positive and prices can climb as a result. The lesson to be learned here? Price action will at times be the exact opposite of what you may expect.

So, how does all of this translate to trading binaries? The release of economic data can cause asset prices to move in a highly predictable manner for a period of time. When prices start to trend, excellent trade setups can appear. Even beginner level traders understand what this means – less risk and more profit. The strategy is simple. Know when this information will be released and be prepared to act upon it. Note the last reading, as well as what the analysts are expecting. When the new data comes out, immediately refer to your price chart of choice to see how the market is moving.

Trading on economic data is a strategy all its own. This information, along with financial reports, has the power to connect you to many easy-profit trade opportunities. Technical analysis can take some time for new traders to master, but this type of information can go a long way in helping novices to recognize certain types of price movement within charts. Each day brings new opportunities, and those who trade binary options need only know where to look for the best ones.