How To Receive the Largest Payout Rates

Binary Options University July 28, 2015 Big Payouts Help

While there is no changing the fact that binary options brokers have the final say in regard to payout rates, there are ways in which the trader can ensure they earn as much as possible from each successful trade. The ultimate goal is, and should always be, having as many positions as possible finish in the money. However, there is certainly no need to overlook the return amounts that are being offered when they do. The following information will help to ensure that you receive the best possible payouts at all times.

Good Payouts are CriticalIf you have yet to select a broker, you are in the optimal position to ensure that you are always well-compensated for winning trades. To do this, simply select a broker that is offering high returns. Beware of claims of returns of 90% or higher, as these types of returns are rare and could indicate a scam (high-yield trades are the one exception). Rates of around 85% are likely to be the best you’re going to find on standard trades, but note that the advertised maximum is not going to be the rate that is assigned to every position.

If you already have a broker, negotiation is really not an option. However, you will quickly be able to determine which instruments and trade types offer the largest returns. As a general rule, the higher the perceived level of risk, the higher the offered payout rate is going to be. High-yield instruments such as One Touch can offer huge prospective returns because the risk level associated with them is very high. Depending on the platform used, you should be able to create trade scenarios (without executing the trade), to see what the offered return is going to be.

Another option to consider if you already have selected a binary options broker is to team up with a second or even third broker. One broker could pay more for the exact same option than another. The ability to at least make a comparison will ensure that you always have access to the best rates. A secondary benefit to having more than one broker is the fact that you’ll be provided with access to a greater variety of instruments, assets, and expiry times. At the end of the day, variety can be the difference between a profitable day or a day of loss. Do not be afraid to branch out if you can afford to do so.

Some brokers now offer higher overall return rates to those who hold higher tier accounts with them. This may be a suitable option for you if you truly feel that the broker you have chosen is reputable and you can afford to hand over an above-average deposit. Account tiers such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, etc., often come with additional perks. Larger payout rates may or may not be one of them. Check with your broker to see if you will be provided with more substantial returns in exchange for depositing more funds in your trading account.

There are many ways in which traders can control how much they earn from trading binaries. Seemingly small decisions can add up to a huge difference in profits over time. Each broker does get to decide how much they are willing to pay out on profiting trades. Even so, you can make sure that you are positioned with a broker that offers substantial returns, and can also select high-paying trades when you feel that the risk level is acceptable. Minor adjustments such as these can ensure that you are able to maximize your earnings when trading binary options.