Using Multiple E-Payment Methods

Binary Options University August 5, 2017 Deposit with an EPayment

Using an e-wallet to pay for your binary options trading can be really simple, especially if you use these services already. It will help you to skip a lot of other steps for getting cash to your brokerage account and will help speed up the withdrawal process down the road. Some services are not available in every country, so please be aware of this before you begin. E-wallets are sometimes dependent upon location, so if you are based in the U.S., you might not be able to use the preferred choice wallet of your broker.


First, know that not all brokers accept the services of all online wallets. Moneybookers/Skrill is pretty popular, as are PayPal and NETeller, but the methods that you use to fund your account will largely be dependent upon the stipulations that the binary trading site that you use has set forth.

If you do have any questions about what’s accepted and what isn’t, get in touch with the customer service specialist. These people are there to help you get access to trading and to make your trading as easy as possible, and this falls well within their job description. Banking is how sites get their income, so they will jump through hoops for you to deposit your money with them.


Getting money back into your electronic wallet is pretty easy, too. You don’t need to verify credit card info, but you will need to prove your identity, with something like a passport or driver’s license. You will also need to prove your home address, but a government ID can often do this for you at the same time. The process to get your profits back in your possession might take a few days, but this is a constant throughout the industry.

If you made a deposit with a wallet, you will probably not have any difficulty getting your withdrawal back into it. A lot of brokers will require you to use the same method for withdrawal as you did for your initial deposit. That’s part of the beauty of using this method; they are versatile and you can use them for many other things besides funding your trading account. Some e-wallets will also allow you to get a debit card attached to that account so you can buy things at a local directly with this online account, or even make ATM withdrawals.

Other Thoughts

E-wallets are convenient and easy to use, now more so than ever before. If you already have one created, check with your broker of choice and see if they use that service. If they do, your life will be a lot easier as you will not have to further worry about how to get money into your binary options trading account.