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Saturday, 25 March 2017

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Continue to Use Fibonacci Retracements


One of the first things that you will observe when you begin trading is that an asset’s price oscillates. This is a fancy word that means it moves up and down in cycles. It’s one of the most primary laws of any market, and it’s one that beginners use to

Hedging with Fences


You’ve probably heard the phrase “hedge your bets.” When it comes to binary options trading, you should never be betting, but rather making educated decisions in order to reduce the risk of random chance deciding whether or not you are going to make money. There is some randomness in the

Bringing Things Together


If you have a firm grasp on the basics of using technical indicators within your binary options trading strategy, it might be time to elevate your game to the next level. Using a combination of the MACD indicator and Bollinger Bands is a simple, yet extremely effective method of improving

Getting Ahead of the Markets


One notorious issue with trading stocks through a binary options broker is the fact that you are not given access to short term trading during the first 30 minutes of every trading day. This happens so that binary brokers can protect themselves. This is often the period of the day

Guide to Winning Ladder Trades


Ladder trades are a relatively new trading option in many binary options platforms. Traders should know exactly what they are getting themselves into before they delve into ladder trades, because although they may take a lot of research and time to get right, they can be very financially rewarding when

Strategies: To Create Or Copy?


Every binary options trader reaches a point in their trading career where they must decide whether they want to create their own strategies, or simply piggyback on the successful strategies of others. While novice traders do not have to worry about this (and really shouldn’t, due to the complexity of

Poor Jobs Report, but Prices Climb


Friday, October second, marked a big day for the U.S. stock market. Each of the three major indices went up by over 1 percent. It was a welcome relief for investors after days of poor market performances. After three months of poor job reports, there are some serious concerns about

Oscillations in the EUR/USD can be Profitable


The euro/ U.S. dollar pair is still holding the median support line as of Tuesday night (EST), but going long on EUR/USD looks like the general long term consensus, according to experts. The support line stems from lows back in March and May, and although it is currently holding, it

Trading the Four Major Asset Classes


Trading sites typically give traders the option to trade in one of four asset categories: stocks, currencies, commodities, and indices. Each of these asset types is different and each gives a trader ample opportunity to earn profit. Let’s examine a few different strategies that are often paired with particular asset

New Ideas for Bullish and Bearish Markets


Binary options traders hear the words ‘bullish’ and ‘bearish’ being bandied around all the time in conversations about the stock market, but not every trader knows the meaning and history behind these market condition analyses. These general market conditions do have an impact on every position that a trader takes,