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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

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Price Action Puts

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Price action is a commonly used binary options strategy. It is popular because it involves very little research, and you can make judgment calls based upon chart observations alone. This is a great method for those that are putting together short term trades of five minutes in length or less

The Legend Strategy


It is easy—and usually smart—to be wary of the ultra short term binary options because of the fact that they do have a higher degree of variance associated with them. However, variance isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if you are a high frequency trader with enough capital backing you

The Sunday Afternoon Strategy


When it comes to trading binary options, certain timeframes have higher degrees of certainty than others. As a general rule, the ultrashort term trades are more highly unpredictable than longer trades, up until a certain point where long term trades start to lose certainty off into the future. The Sunday

Follow the Leader


Many binary options traders thrive on volatility, but if this isn’t your thing, that certainly doesn’t mean that you cannot be just as profitable. This is where the Follow the Leader strategy comes into play. It relies less on quick moving technical indicators and more on trends and momentum. It

Runaway Gap Trading


A runaway gap is an easy strategy to use because they are so visually striking. If you are looking at a price chart, a runaway gap—sometimes called a continuation or an acceleration gap—looks like an upward moving price, with a big and very noticeable gap moving upward in between two

Apple Could Have a Big 2016


Apple had a rough end of 2015, but 2016 might be a great year for the world’s biggest company. China, the world’s second largest economy, is one of the biggest consumers of Apple’s iPhone, and the growing Apple Pay might have found the perfect market here. China’s population is the

Using Fundamentals in Your Trades


2015 was the worst year that Wall Street had seen since 2011. The only area where there was any real success was in the NASDAQ, and despite all of Apple’s troubles in the latter half of the year, they were the primary force that moved this index upward. But thanks

Wedge Pattern Strategy


The wedge pattern strategy involves chart and graphical analysis, and it is fairly accurate when it comes to predicting the price movement for the near future for a number of different kinds of assets. The wedge pattern is a shape on a chart that resembles two sides of a triangle,

Closing the Gap


The closing the gap strategy is a fundamental trading technique that focuses on price gaps. A price gap occurs when there is a sudden jump in an asset’s price. These usually happen after major events, holidays, or other occurrences that might cause the market to close for a period of

Decreasing Timeframes Strategy


The decreasing timeframes strategy is a very simple concept, but a very effective one simply because it has a built in system of checks and balances to help further ensure the accuracy of your outcome. It is a short term trading strategy that relies on three different price charts, all