Take Your Binary Trading to the Next Level
Saturday, 29 April 2017

Binary Options Education

Draw Down Prevention


Anyone who has been trading binary options for any length of time knows that there are going to be peaks and valleys in your trading career. The peaks are great—these are the moments when you can’t seem to get a trade wrong and you are very profitable. The valleys can

Follow the Leader


Many binary options traders thrive on volatility, but if this isn’t your thing, that certainly doesn’t mean that you cannot be just as profitable. This is where the Follow the Leader strategy comes into play. It relies less on quick moving technical indicators and more on trends and momentum. It

Apple Could Have a Big 2016


Apple had a rough end of 2015, but 2016 might be a great year for the world’s biggest company. China, the world’s second largest economy, is one of the biggest consumers of Apple’s iPhone, and the growing Apple Pay might have found the perfect market here. China’s population is the

Using Fundamentals in Your Trades


2015 was the worst year that Wall Street had seen since 2011. The only area where there was any real success was in the NASDAQ, and despite all of Apple’s troubles in the latter half of the year, they were the primary force that moved this index upward. But thanks

MACD Crossovers in the Money


The Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) indicator is one of the most popular technical tools for short term traders, but it’s necessary to know how to interpret it correctly if you are going to create profits while using it. First, begin by looking at the lines on the chart that the

The One Touch Method


You should always be very wary of a strategy that claims to have zero risk involved, but there are some that have less risk than others. The following strategy, what we call simply “The One Touch” method, has little risk, but that is not equal to no risk. It is

Apple vs. PayPal?


For position traders, PayPal’s stock may have just taken a huge hit. On the other hand, Apple could be getting ready for a big boost. Do you remember Lotus 123? What about Word Star? Both of these companies used to be big. Lotus 123 was a spreadsheet company that was

Scalping at the Deepest Level


Expert binary options traders may want to use a type of scalping known as Gamma scalping. Scalping is a short term strategy that relies on quick trades triggered by an asset’s momentum. Trades hardly ever stay open for long, and they need to be well capitalized to be worthwhile. Because

Getting Ahead of the Markets


One notorious issue with trading stocks through a binary options broker is the fact that you are not given access to short term trading during the first 30 minutes of every trading day. This happens so that binary brokers can protect themselves. This is often the period of the day

Guide to Winning Ladder Trades


Ladder trades are a relatively new trading option in many binary options platforms. Traders should know exactly what they are getting themselves into before they delve into ladder trades, because although they may take a lot of research and time to get right, they can be very financially rewarding when