Getting Excited for Launch

Binary Options University January 3, 2013 Get the U Started

We’ve been thinking about this site launch for quite some time. We decided to put this site together for all traders. In any niche online, there are plenty of websites that share information about that particular topic. In the binary options market there is a lot of garbage websites out there pushing bad information and false hopes. We want to be one of those sites that shares good information and provides real possibilities. It feels good to give back when you can. Welcome to!

We came up with the design using an educational feel. Having a university at the end is more for entertainment value, but it gives the site a little bit more authority when it comes to the binary options industry. A lot of scams and other negativity is in play in this industry and we are trying to clean it up the best we can. This will be one site you can feel comfortable reading and sharing.

What You Will Find at the U

You will find several different things as a trader that may help you in the long run. First, notice the several sections on education that you can get on the website. Each page will provide a little bit of information that you may or may not have known prior to coming to Binary Options University. The power of our broker guide will allow you to find the best broker for your needs. Some of you may be 60 second binary traders and others may be longer-term binary option traders. Our broker information will share the best one for you and your requirements. Once you get past the broker information you must have a clear understanding of how to trade.

Our trading methods will continue to grow as the site does. Although we do follow a few specific methods ourselves, many more are available. We are price action traders and plenty of methods can be formulated as you grow as a trader. You’ll learn how we trade on a daily basis and how you can implement the same methods with your trading.

Our trading tutorials will cover a significant amount of the information on this website. Our goal is to spend many hours developing videos to break down the simplicity of binary options into the more advanced topics that are needed for success. Remember, binary options are pretty straightforward to trade, but being a winner is not. These tutorials will break down anything from what a put option is to how to trade around pivot points. If you do have any suggestions about videos we should create, you can always contact us with that information.

With the launch upcoming in the next month or so we have a lot to do. We will continue to provide as much information as we can. We don’t want to start a site that doesn’t have enough information to get everyone excited. Once we have a good core of information to provide, we’ll launch the site and make it accessible to anyone who is interested in binary options trading.

We look forward to your feedback and can’t wait to get things rolling. Also, remember we may have some webinars and live trading situations in the future. Make sure you sign up up for our newsletter to get the latest information about these items.