About Us

We are so glad you can join us here at Binary Options University – BinaryOptionsU.com. This site is dedicated to all the traders out there that are just getting started or are seasoned pros. As a trader, you can only hope to get better. It’s our commitment to provide an excellent resource on not only binary trading, but trading in general.

A lot of times people think trading binaries is so much different than trading other instruments, for example stocks. They are all relative. Only the models in which you trade are different. We focus on binary options, but the overall atmosphere of the site is trading.

We’ve been trading for the last 10 years. We’ve seen the good days and the bad ones as well. This site was put together to take all the good things learned over the years and apply them to today’s market conditions. Of course there is so much information out there about trading, but the points made on this site should give you a leg up from where you are currently.

You will learn quickly that trading is not the mystery that many people make it out to be. Being successful at it is what counts. Always remain positive whenever you can and try not to let emotions take over.

So many topics are discussed on this website. The majority focuses on learning how to trade and becoming better at it. Trading takes time and the classes, videos, and other information on this site will help you achieve some of your goals.

The major things to look at on this site.
1. Learning how to trade.
2. Watch numerous videos from basic information, to broker guidance, all the way up to advanced strategy.
3. Check out our large broker guide giving you the best insights that come with each broker.
4. Develop a strategy and share your information with others.
5. Gain sound trading information as both a beginner or expert.

As you look through the site you will find real trading examples. We also want you to bookmark our site and come back if you have any questions what so ever. By trying to help the community of traders with all this free information we feel really good about what we have on BinaryOptionsU.com.

RISK WARNING – Trading of any kind carries a ton of risk. You must know this before you risk any money. You can lose everything you put into this. Be aware. We will repeat this through out the site to make sure you know how serious we are about this risk. A lot of money can be lost, so please make sure you are not trading with money you can’t afford to lose. Remember just because you read something on this site doesn’t make the owners liable for any losses that you may incur. The site is for entertainment purposes. You will never read on this site that you will make any money trading. Also, depending where you are from around the world, please find out if trading binary options is legal in your country. All countries have different rules. You are Warned.

If you have any questions you may ask below using the contact form. This will be the easiest way to get a hold of us.